Essentia are small precious stones that have been bound and infused with the energy of a spirit. When slotted into equipment specifically designed to channel the spirits power, Essentia stones magically augment that piece of equipment. Essentia stones are flat, diamond-shaped stones that are roughly an inch in diameter and are a color that reflects the nature of the spirit the stone was infused with. Essentia adapts to what type of equipment it is slotted in based on the conduits crafted into a piece of equipment. The conduits serve as a road map to harness the natural expression of Essentia and express the power contained within each stone.

Creating Slotted Equipment

Special care must given to make equipment that can tap the power of Essentia. Typically each piece is designed with an open slot that the stone can be pressed into and locked into place (one action). From the slot, hollow veins called conduits travel up and down the piece of equipment that fill with glowing liquid energy the same color as the Essentia when the item is in use. Though the spirit used to infuse an Essentia stone is consumed in the process, the stone itself retains a vague awareness of its surrounding. When not in use, the item appears to be a mundane piece of equipment with a beautiful stone set in it.

Before creating a piece of equipment, the crafter makes an Average Intelligence + Lore/Essentia to determine if they can work the appropriate conduits and settings into the design. For each slot added to a piece of equipment, the difficulty to make that piece of equipment increases by 4. A single piece of equipment can have more than one slot of multiple Essentia, but only the most skilled craftsmen possess the ability to create such geomantic harmony.

New Asset

Create Essentia (Minor / d4)
Having learned the sacred ritual required to bind a spirit, this Asset allows the bearer to infuse a single precious stone with a spirits energy to create an Essentia stone. The ritual requires an expression of the corresponding element (a small fire for Fire Essentia, for example) in addition to a small precious stone (value subject to GM discretion) and takes several hours to conduct the ritual. Upon completion, the ritualist rolls Intelligence + Lore/Essentia with a Hard difficulty. Successes permanently changes the color and shape of the stone to a small, flat diamond, precisely an inch in diameter, with a color that corresponds to the nature of the spirit used to infuse the gem.

Essentia Evolution

Due to the nature of the spirit infused within the gem, all Essentia grows and develops over time with continued use. Modern savants have classified each level of growth into rankings for common and quick reference. These tiers are represented numerically beginning with first tier Essentia, which all created Essentia begin as, and rising as high as third tier Essentia at which point the Essentia manifests the most powerful representation of its power.

Essentia earn Advancement Points much like players do. Upon obtaining 8 AP, Essentia evolves to the second tier. Upon obtaining 16 AP, Essentia evolves to the third and final tier. As a rule of thumb, Essentia typically earns 1 AP for every 4 AP awarded to players provided the Essentia was actively used for the majority of the conflicts AP was awarded for. GMs are encouraged to determine their own progression/award rate to suit the needs of their campaign.

Types of Essentia

As many different stones can exist as there are forces in the world and players are encouraged to work with their GM to balance new stone creations. A few guidelines are included below.

Elemental Essentia – Essentia that gifts the power of elementally aligned spirits
Augmentation Essentia – Essentia that augments the abilities of the bearer


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