Half Elemental Barbarian


Memorable d4 she wears a white flowing dress that clings to her curves, no shoes and walks with her trident, she doesn’t realize it’s often inappropriate to leave her hair and clothes wet from sleeping in water

Dark Secret d4 she keeps the secret that the reason she can use water magic is because she is a half elemental

Hunted d8 the fanatics of her tribe that weren’t satisfied with her exile have left the tribe to hunt her

Paranoid d4 she knows the tribals are coming for her and their faces everywhere she goes

Allure d4 she’s never known that she’s pretty, the depths wasn’t a place where looks mattered, how you handled a spear and the width of your hips was more important

Talented d4 trident & swim

Insatiable Curiosity d4 (die added to social where you’re trying to puzzle out a mystery) this land is new and she was sheltered all her life, although she knows the tribals are after her she can’t help but ask questions


• born to a coastal tribe of elemental & humans Leeta was the product of a ritual, the offering of a human woman to a water elemental—the ritual being a great honor

• being the offspring of such a union was an priviledge—a status symbol and she was well looked upon by her tribe

• an arranged marriage was established between her and the next leader of the tribe—she was to be their priestess, but the next chiefton was cruel and abusive

• after being severally beaten Leeta froze his lungs…and watched him suffocate

• she was exiled from the tribe, they spared her because of her status but warned her to never show her face to them again

• with nothing but the weapon left to her by her absent elemental father she left—those tribals that held strongly that she should have been executed not exiled banned together and have begun hunting her


Reawakening of the Black Company GMJJ