Reawakening of the Black Company

Weapons Cache

Jonathon’s Notes

• PCs met up with Mercy (doctor, clairvoyant) and two others from the Black Company: Goblin and One Eye
• Goblin and One Eye are powerful illusionists
• Mercy introduced to Stevens and arrangements were made for provisions for both parties (BC wanted three safe houses, supplies, labor; Stevens wanted Mithirial)
• Mercy assigned crew to loot and destroy one of Aarons weapons caches outside the city
• PCs punk’d everyone in the facility, looted, then blew everything up
• Fact: Talking with bad guys is for suckers

PCs Present: GMJJ, Martin, Jonathonathon
Advancement Points: 9 (+1 Adventure Log!)

Tac Notes
• Barrier, Banish, devil trap, and verbal exorcism all successful against demon
• GM advised PCs could pretty much have any modern tac equipment we wanted
• Found enough small arms to supply the BC
• Rusty took rocket launcher and all 8 rockets
• Stevens’ R&D began working on Rusty’s hammer with mithirial Mercy brought and working on cast for Azrael’s sword



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