Reawakening of the Black Company

The Devil You Know

Possession; not just the forgotten thing in your closet anymore

Jonathon’s Notes

• Leeta catches up with the boys in Dyss
• Dre jumps Lord Aarons on his way into town, Aarons tips his hand as being something more than human
• Stevens requests the crew track down what happened to his foreman’s missing daughter
• The crew discovers that werewolves are setting up shop beneath the city and kidnapping children which are being turned into werewolves themselves
• The crew manages to kill the young werewolves and drive away the adult and rescue the two children after unsuccessfully attempting to remove their affliction
• Leo tracks the third child to Lord Aarons’ mansion and the crew spies on him
• The crew watches while Aarons performs a ritual to communicate with another demon and confirm that he is one himself, they inform Stevens of this development and give him a little more information on the BC

PCs Present: GMJJ, Martin, Jonathonathon
Advancement Points: 16 (End of Prologue)

Tac Notes
• Stevens gave us full use of the R&D department and other resources in trying to help disrupt what’s happening in the city
• Since Aarons is possessed, it’s possible he doesn’t support what’s happening to the city
• The crew did some heavy research and found a lot of anti-devil schtuff (devil traps, a few exorcisms, holy water, salt)
• Aarons healing is only in part due to his demonic possession, the other part is the ring he wears that appears to be elven make (which is probably Dre’s)
• Aarons typically hosts a ball which the crew can’t attend now because the werewolf they fought that got away id’d them
• Dre said he’d catch up with the crew later
• Stevens seemed a little less than thrilled that the Empress was responsible for hiring the BC but is hopeful it wont be any worse than it is now
• Crew speculates that quite a few demons have entered the ranks and possessing those above and below Lord Aarons but aren’t sure
• We ended the game with making plans, gathering information, and waiting for the BC contact



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