Reawakening of the Black Company

Reboot! Fresh Faces

they're ... um ... busy

Out Of Character Notes -
GM decided to switch systems from Supernatural to Pathfinder
3.5 Supplements allowed on GM approval, Iron Kingdoms Allowed
Character Creation -
4d6, reroll 1s, drop low, 2 columns
7th level
+2 to one attribute for a picture, 1 feat for a backstory
1 wish

PCs have the option to convert their characters to Pathfinder or make new characters
Rusty Converted, the other two characters were not feasible to build in d20

• Black Company gained 2 new recruits
• Witch acquired by chance ala Goblin and One-Eye at a potion component shop
• Werewolf found the BC after he used their agents antics in the sewers of Diss to escape bondage
• Witch was promised at least 3 more Enervations on Goblin and is going on the assignment to acquire rare components from the secluded elven island
• Rusty teamed up with the two of them and 6 to head through the portal stone back to the elven kingdom
• Crew emerged in a palace of ice
• Rusty made quick work of the ice door
• Cain found signs a giant was inhabiting the palace
• Crew stopped in front of a shut door to buff before engaging the frost giant on the other side
• Crew required to clear out the ice palace before signaling for the princess to come through, notified ala scroll of sending

Crew requisitioned the following items: 3 Body Adjustment Tattoos (ML 7, 2d12), Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds (CL 10, 50 charges)



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