Reawakening of the Black Company

Pushing Aarons

Mind if I borrow the car?

Jonathon’s Notes

• Crew confirms shipment of Aaron’s weapons to BC
• Mercy tells the crew they did too well and Aarons skipped town to head north to a new military base that popped up and wants the crew to run recon
• Crew agrees and makes preparations to go after tying things up
• Crew grabs supplies from Stevens and borrows his steam cart to get ahead of Aarons
• Magical storm crops up that can’t be dispelled
• Crew takes shelter in a creepy, old and (apparently) abandon castle
• Crew locates a troop of zombies and a vampire up to no good and puts them down

PCs Present: GMJJ, Martin, Jonathonathon
Advancement Points: ??

Tac Notes
• Made Mace/Rifle
• Made base weapon of Tsurugi with 3 slots
• Leeta can make diamonds with her mind
• Crew thinking about causing avalanche on Aarons’ group



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