Reawakening of the Black Company

House Cleaning

• Party beat down the two Frost Giants and six Bugbears guarding the castle.
• Cain took one of the bugbears alive as a follower
• 6 used the scroll to call for the princess
• Princess opened the royal only door, Dre found some armor from a long lost ancestor?
• Witch stole all the elf’s stuff
• Party tracked an Ice Devil away from the castle and pursued him south, which was on their way to the elven kingdom
• Party found Ogres, beat them down, walked in on some kind of worship ceremony, beat down the Ogres there (including the Ogre mage)
• Ice Devil managed to greater teleport before Party could kill him but the Ice Devil was wounded badly

Finished session with Ice Devil teleporting, did not finish exploring cave they were hold up in and did not get treasure from slain monsters. No experience assigned either.



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