Reawakening of the Black Company

Attention to Detail

Recon? He's right here.

Jonathon’s Notes

• Crew leaves the caste and gets ahead of Aarons to set a trap for him
• Crew plants explosives which devastate most of Aarons army but he escapes after discovering his double was taking his place
• Elven princess was rescued from the camp before destruction
• Aarons jumped the crew on the way back to the cart
• Remaining 7 guards defeated, 2 escaped, Aarons was exorcised then captured
• Crew brought Aarons back to Kroger who arrived in Dyss
• Princess Gwen reveals herself, Kroger wants crew to head to Elven kingdom in the north to work on possible alliance
• Crew preps to head out to travel stone not far from Dyss to return to Elven Kingdom, Mayan kidnapped Princess to instigate war with humans

PCs Present: GMJJ, Martin, Jonathonathon
Advancement Points: 9 xp

Tac Notes
• Vampire necklace helps with feeding and seeing in the dark
• Finished second sword out of group
• Crew currently possesses Dre’s ring
• Mysterious elf’s name is Mayan
• Finished Counter and Cover materia
• Leeta finished her magic gigantic diamond
• Crew learned Aarons was willingly cooperating with demon
• His group is called the T#####s, they’re all quiet
• Mayan went to Elven library, left, then came back with elves that all looked like him (elves believe they’re all family due to similar appearance?)
• Mayan wants war with the humans, believes they’ve encroached too far



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