Reawakening of the Black Company

House Cleaning

• Party beat down the two Frost Giants and six Bugbears guarding the castle.
• Cain took one of the bugbears alive as a follower
• 6 used the scroll to call for the princess
• Princess opened the royal only door, Dre found some armor from a long lost ancestor?
• Witch stole all the elf’s stuff
• Party tracked an Ice Devil away from the castle and pursued him south, which was on their way to the elven kingdom
• Party found Ogres, beat them down, walked in on some kind of worship ceremony, beat down the Ogres there (including the Ogre mage)
• Ice Devil managed to greater teleport before Party could kill him but the Ice Devil was wounded badly

Finished session with Ice Devil teleporting, did not finish exploring cave they were hold up in and did not get treasure from slain monsters. No experience assigned either.

Reboot! Fresh Faces
they're ... um ... busy
Out Of Character Notes -
GM decided to switch systems from Supernatural to Pathfinder
3.5 Supplements allowed on GM approval, Iron Kingdoms Allowed
Character Creation -
4d6, reroll 1s, drop low, 2 columns
7th level
+2 to one attribute for a picture, 1 feat for a backstory
1 wish

PCs have the option to convert their characters to Pathfinder or make new characters
Rusty Converted, the other two characters were not feasible to build in d20

• Black Company gained 2 new recruits
• Witch acquired by chance ala Goblin and One-Eye at a potion component shop
• Werewolf found the BC after he used their agents antics in the sewers of Diss to escape bondage
• Witch was promised at least 3 more Enervations on Goblin and is going on the assignment to acquire rare components from the secluded elven island
• Rusty teamed up with the two of them and 6 to head through the portal stone back to the elven kingdom
• Crew emerged in a palace of ice
• Rusty made quick work of the ice door
• Cain found signs a giant was inhabiting the palace
• Crew stopped in front of a shut door to buff before engaging the frost giant on the other side
• Crew required to clear out the ice palace before signaling for the princess to come through, notified ala scroll of sending

Crew requisitioned the following items: 3 Body Adjustment Tattoos (ML 7, 2d12), Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds (CL 10, 50 charges)

Attention to Detail
Recon? He's right here.

Jonathon’s Notes

• Crew leaves the caste and gets ahead of Aarons to set a trap for him
• Crew plants explosives which devastate most of Aarons army but he escapes after discovering his double was taking his place
• Elven princess was rescued from the camp before destruction
• Aarons jumped the crew on the way back to the cart
• Remaining 7 guards defeated, 2 escaped, Aarons was exorcised then captured
• Crew brought Aarons back to Kroger who arrived in Dyss
• Princess Gwen reveals herself, Kroger wants crew to head to Elven kingdom in the north to work on possible alliance
• Crew preps to head out to travel stone not far from Dyss to return to Elven Kingdom, Mayan kidnapped Princess to instigate war with humans

PCs Present: GMJJ, Martin, Jonathonathon
Advancement Points: 9 xp

Tac Notes
• Vampire necklace helps with feeding and seeing in the dark
• Finished second sword out of group
• Crew currently possesses Dre’s ring
• Mysterious elf’s name is Mayan
• Finished Counter and Cover materia
• Leeta finished her magic gigantic diamond
• Crew learned Aarons was willingly cooperating with demon
• His group is called the T#####s, they’re all quiet
• Mayan went to Elven library, left, then came back with elves that all looked like him (elves believe they’re all family due to similar appearance?)
• Mayan wants war with the humans, believes they’ve encroached too far

Pushing Aarons
Mind if I borrow the car?

Jonathon’s Notes

• Crew confirms shipment of Aaron’s weapons to BC
• Mercy tells the crew they did too well and Aarons skipped town to head north to a new military base that popped up and wants the crew to run recon
• Crew agrees and makes preparations to go after tying things up
• Crew grabs supplies from Stevens and borrows his steam cart to get ahead of Aarons
• Magical storm crops up that can’t be dispelled
• Crew takes shelter in a creepy, old and (apparently) abandon castle
• Crew locates a troop of zombies and a vampire up to no good and puts them down

PCs Present: GMJJ, Martin, Jonathonathon
Advancement Points: ??

Tac Notes
• Made Mace/Rifle
• Made base weapon of Tsurugi with 3 slots
• Leeta can make diamonds with her mind
• Crew thinking about causing avalanche on Aarons’ group

Weapons Cache

Jonathon’s Notes

• PCs met up with Mercy (doctor, clairvoyant) and two others from the Black Company: Goblin and One Eye
• Goblin and One Eye are powerful illusionists
• Mercy introduced to Stevens and arrangements were made for provisions for both parties (BC wanted three safe houses, supplies, labor; Stevens wanted Mithirial)
• Mercy assigned crew to loot and destroy one of Aarons weapons caches outside the city
• PCs punk’d everyone in the facility, looted, then blew everything up
• Fact: Talking with bad guys is for suckers

PCs Present: GMJJ, Martin, Jonathonathon
Advancement Points: 9 (+1 Adventure Log!)

Tac Notes
• Barrier, Banish, devil trap, and verbal exorcism all successful against demon
• GM advised PCs could pretty much have any modern tac equipment we wanted
• Found enough small arms to supply the BC
• Rusty took rocket launcher and all 8 rockets
• Stevens’ R&D began working on Rusty’s hammer with mithirial Mercy brought and working on cast for Azrael’s sword

The Devil You Know
Possession; not just the forgotten thing in your closet anymore

Jonathon’s Notes

• Leeta catches up with the boys in Dyss
• Dre jumps Lord Aarons on his way into town, Aarons tips his hand as being something more than human
• Stevens requests the crew track down what happened to his foreman’s missing daughter
• The crew discovers that werewolves are setting up shop beneath the city and kidnapping children which are being turned into werewolves themselves
• The crew manages to kill the young werewolves and drive away the adult and rescue the two children after unsuccessfully attempting to remove their affliction
• Leo tracks the third child to Lord Aarons’ mansion and the crew spies on him
• The crew watches while Aarons performs a ritual to communicate with another demon and confirm that he is one himself, they inform Stevens of this development and give him a little more information on the BC

PCs Present: GMJJ, Martin, Jonathonathon
Advancement Points: 16 (End of Prologue)

Tac Notes
• Stevens gave us full use of the R&D department and other resources in trying to help disrupt what’s happening in the city
• Since Aarons is possessed, it’s possible he doesn’t support what’s happening to the city
• The crew did some heavy research and found a lot of anti-devil schtuff (devil traps, a few exorcisms, holy water, salt)
• Aarons healing is only in part due to his demonic possession, the other part is the ring he wears that appears to be elven make (which is probably Dre’s)
• Aarons typically hosts a ball which the crew can’t attend now because the werewolf they fought that got away id’d them
• Dre said he’d catch up with the crew later
• Stevens seemed a little less than thrilled that the Empress was responsible for hiring the BC but is hopeful it wont be any worse than it is now
• Crew speculates that quite a few demons have entered the ranks and possessing those above and below Lord Aarons but aren’t sure
• We ended the game with making plans, gathering information, and waiting for the BC contact

To Stop an Assassin
So you welded a bunch of pipes together?

Jonathon’s Notes

• Crew continues on to Dyss leaving the girls behind
• Azrael is confronted by a mysterious elf who informs him his people are alive and well
• Crew stalks out a bar and learns about an assassination attempt on a local factory owner
• Crew confronts victim and informs him of the plot, promising him protection in exchange for information
• Crew enlists top scientists to work on Shothammer and Tsurugi
• Crew agrees to arrange deal for mithirial shipments

PCs Present: Martin, Jonathonathon
Advancement Points: 8

Wait... TRY not to kill the zombies? Really?

Jonathon’s Notes

• Crew heads to town near the mine where the boys worked to find the citizens up and left
• Crew combs through local jail cell to find someone that can help them cut a few days off their trip to Dyss
• Crew finds a wanted man that was betrayed who agrees to help them if they kill the man that usurped him
• Crew fights their way through a zombie infested anti magic zone
• Crew fights and kills the bruiser that took over the mountain mercenary band and reinstates their former leader
• Crew gets paid for the job and heads off to Dyss

PCs Present: Elisabeth, GMJJ, Jonathonathon, Martin
Advancement Points: 8


Jonathon’s Notes

• Strange flash lured PCs to the center of the city and a elf getting drug away
• BC medic recruits PCs to find out why BC workers are dying
• PCs lure out and destroy the ghost tormenting the BC
• Guards capture PCs and take them to the keep where they watch Dre murder everyone
• PCs witness the BC invasion and are drafted into their ranks

PCs Present: GMJJ, Martin, Jonathonathon
Advancement Points: 8

Chez List
• Build Mithirial Armor with a slot
• Write more Essentia
• Write Advanced Essentia
• Begin construction on clockwork sword


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